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Some people pass away with a Will in place. Others do not. Regardless of whether you pass away with or without a Will, there is a very good chance that certain assets you own will have to go through the probate process.


In the simplest of terms, probate is the process of administering your estate through a court-supervised process.


What does that mean?


Among other things, it often involves:

  • Determining the validity of your Will

  • Figuring out what assets you own

  • Determining which of your assets have to be probated

  • Valuing those assets

  • Paying your debts

  • Seeing that the people you have designated to get your stuff actually get that stuff


However, this is a very simplified version of probate. This does not address the numerous steps that must be taken and extensive paperwork submitted to fully complete the process.


At Heritage Law, we provide skilled advice and assistance to personal representatives (“executors”), trustees and beneficiaries in probate matters.

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