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Business Planning

Business Formation & Entity Selection


Planning to start a business? Allow Heritage Law to provide guidance on how best to navigate the numerous steps and issues you are likely to encounter in the process. We counsel clients from start to finish. From selecting the most suitable entity out of which to operate your business to ensuring you have all the proper business documents in place to effectively run it.


Shareholder & Buy/Sell Agreements


In a business with multiple owners, it can be crucial to address all the issues that might arise among the owners. What happens to the business if one of the owners:

  • gets divorced

  • becomes disabled or incapacitated

  • files bankruptcy

  • wishes to retire

  • wants to transfer his/her interest


Business owners often neglect to address these issues as well as others for a number of reasons, one of which is that they are just not concerned about a dispute ever arising among them… until it does.


It goes without saying that it is best practice to address these issues up front, at the very start of the business.


Mergers & Acquisitions


Purchasing or selling a business or merging your business with another can be bring with it a number of issues and complications to be sorted through. Some of those are:

  • structuring the deal

  • non-competition agreements

  • liabilities

  • third party contractual consents

  • taxes

  • intellectual property

  • financing

  • leasing

  • real estate

Whatever your business planning need, Heritage Law is here to assist you.