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The Difference

Our Approach

Our approach sets us apart in that clients do not just pay us for their legal documents but rather for a valuable process that is educational, holistic and counseling-based.

We know that it is imperative for us to understand your family and your financial dynamics as well as the context surrounding your situation. By taking the time necessary to understand these as well as other issues, we can provide you with a plan that is tailored to your specific needs. 

Heritage Law focuses on providing the individualized attention required to accomplish your specific goals and desires.

At Heritage Law, we provide legal solutions, build relationships and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

Who We Are

Heritage Law is a law firm focusing on estate planning, probate and business planning.  

We counsel our clients, design and then execute a plan that best suits their needs. 

With estate planning, our focus ranges from basic wills to more advanced planning using different types of trusts. We focus on wealth preservation and transfer, planning for incapacity, and above all else, providing peace of mind for you and your future generations.


Our probate practice is focused on better ensuring a smooth transition process during the period of time after a loved one passes in which their assets must be transferred to the appropriate people or entities.

With business planning, we help you determine the most appropriate entity for your business. We also assist you in creating an exit strategy for the succession of your business. Additionally, we represent business owners and buyers in the sale or purchase of businesses.

We provide peace of mind; not just pieces of paper!


What Our Clients Think . . .



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