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Our Process Has Changed . . . and Many Clients Love It!

It seems the need for estate and probate services has come to mind for much more of the general public than it ever has in recent decades. Corona has made us actually wonder:

  • If I’m incapacitated, what problems will arise for my family?

  • If I pass soon, what problems will arise for my family?

At times, scheduling was a challenge due to the clients’ availability with work schedules, child care or unexpected life events. In-person estate planning could often take many months to complete for some clients.

In Comes Video Conference!

It never occurred to us to try hosting consultations and follow-up meetings via video conference. But Corona has given us no other choice, and video conferencing can be much more efficient for all parties involved!

Now, nearly the entire process is done virtually, with the exception of signings. For signings, we’ve already explained documents to clients through video or phone, so we pull out only the signature pages and put them in a conference room which clients enter into from outside the building. Clients sign and we wait outside with the door open so we can see them sign and talk if they have any questions. The signing process takes less than a minute.

Hamrick Law is here for you and your clients during this difficult time!

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