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Estate Planning for COVID

We value the safety of our clients and those around us so we have put safeguards and implemented procedures due to the Coronavirus. With that being said, we are still open and seeing clients in person. However, if you wish to meet by alternate methods we can do so remotely, such as through video conferencing, if that’s what you prefer.

We’d like to remind you that any adult should have certain estate planning documents in place, regardless of their situation and at this time, it is especially important given the seriousness of the circumstances we are in.

In addition to Wills and Trusts, if you’ve already planned do you know where your Healthcare Power of Attorney is? Do others know where it’s located?

If you have not planned, now is a very appropriate time to do so given what we currently face and with what’s expected to occur in the near future. We’d love to make sure that you and your family are prepared and well taken care of.

Please feel free to contact Hamrick Law with any questions or concerns during this trying time.

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